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Trading since 1998

Our journey

After 30 years of working his way from the trading floor to the helm of serval leading syderurgic firms in Belgium, Bernard Wildmann founded Wildco in 1998.

Starting as a personal project to satisfy personal persuits and changing family demands, the last two decades have seen Wildco flourish into an international trading firm servicing markets across the globe and advising partners on their own strategic development plans.

"To tell you the truth, I didn't know where I wanted to take the business when I first started. I needed to be more present for the family when we relocated to the United States and saw an opportunity to make some business with past professional connections. Once we moved to China I needed some help, you can imagine a 55 year old guy trying to learn Mandarin wasn't going to get very far! This allowed me to teach my craft and things took off from there.


I would say our success can be attributed to years of client trust, a team that is dedicated to learning and has a thirst for knowledge, and life's happy coincidences. Our team has worked really hard to establish Wildcos in China and I am happy that they can continue to build on these twenty years of learnings and growth as my daughter Sarah joins us. The extra set of hands together with her experience in different geographies and industries is breathing new life into the Wildcos team."

- Bernard Wildmann 1 January 2024




Brussels, Belgium

Wildco is incorporated

Our first trade activity was importing colour coated coils to Europe from Korea. 


Shanghai, China

Focusing on Chinese steel

Our family moved to Shanghai, at the time when China became a Net Steel exporter. This opened up new supply oportunities and is how Wildco began to specialise in sourcing Chinese steel for European import. 


Shanghai, China


Wildco's shareholders establish a Chinese trading firm. Wildo and Weiye now operate under Wildcos, a European-Chinese trading group.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Seoul, Korea

Expanding Kaohsiung and Seoul

The EU imposes dumping duties on Chinese coated coils but Wildcos continue to service European clients by establishing ourselves in Kaosiung and Seoul


Shanghai, China

New offices

Wildcos offices move to the new Qibao business hub


A new generation comes onboard

Sarah Wildmann joins us, bringing 10 years of marketing consulting and commercial development experience

to the Wildcos family.


The team is growing

Wildcos welcome it's third senior trader

Shanghai, China

March 2024

New website
After decades of growth from word-of-mouth, Wildcos finally makes it's online debut

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